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Secret of the Scribe

A n excellent read

Omstavan Samant

D ouglas is well on his way to creating an action-thriller oeuvre of his own

Roshmi Sinha

A gripping storyline, combined with a fast pace

Chicky Kadambari


S uperb!! And I am putting it mildly!


H as certainly broken a barrier in Indian fiction writing


R acy, interesting, graphic, cogent, unputdownable

Reema Shaw

F rom thrills to chills and back again, this novel will hit home

Molly Edwards

A heartstopping action novel

Sandie Kirkland

I s well written, planned and executed

Bastab Chakraborty

A breath of fresh air in Indian fiction

Amit Kumar Gupta

O ne of the best debut novels

Hitesh Ratnani

H ighly recommended to all action lovers!

Chicky Kadambari

H aunted... is one unforgettable book.

Naman Kapur

T he unbelievable heroics and a complex plot will add to the enjoyment for those avid thriller fans looking for the experience provided by the adrenaline rush of page turning action.

Richard Blake

W ell written and truly action packed

Carmelino Machado

T his is one book you'll love to sink your teeth into.

Roshmi Sinha

I nteresting, complicated, well-written

Sakhi Shah

Y ou'll probably want to duck to make sure you don't get hit by a stray bullet!

Newton Lewis

A n author who seemed seasoned rather than a 1st timer

Aarti Krishnakumar

A super ecstatic thriller novel

Indian Book Reviews

T hose pages are torn as I flipped through them so fast!

Akshay Menon

D etailed and sensuously evocative...

Jude Gomes

V ery racy, enjoyable...

Ralph Pais




NetObjects Web Design PlaceholderDouglas Misquita is the author of two thrillers, Secret of the Scribe (2012) and Haunted (2011). Both works have been enthusiastically received by fans of the action-thriller genre and hailed as a “breath of fresh air” in the Indian fiction. He has also written a travelogue, Impressions of Egypt (2010) which is available as a free download on this site.
When he isn’t writing, Douglas plays lead guitar with a rock-n-roll band.

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Secret of the Scribe Secret of the Scribe
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